Netmoda Tech Stack

Netmoda Tech Stack

Hello everyone,

There are so many questions about how is the Netmoda’s servers ? Netmoda working on which technologies ? I want to give some explanations about that questions. First i will start with server stack and then web server technologies.

Netmoda Loves AWS…

We love AWS and its services like Elasticache,RDS etc. First of all we are using ELB (elasticbeanstalk) on our web server side. Mongo,ElasticSearch and our administation panels are working on EC2 servers. We are using RDS for our DB and for now we choose MYSQL but we are thinking to move on AURORA . For redis we are using Elasticache service and we are using Lambda for our NODEJS operations.

We fall in love with PHP/Phalcon

On our web servers we are using php and phalcon framework. Phalcon framework have given us really really really big performance. But there is some leak about there are not so much one, can use Phalcon . Netmoda developers really good at Phalcon and they’re contributing open source Phalcon project.

Our products Love ElasticSearch

In fact Netmoda has not own products but it is fetching 100k products everyday from its partner shops. And we are collecting that product data on our ElasticSearch servers. We are using 4-node clustering ElasticSearch. And we are happy with ElasticSearch.

Mongo and Redis Friendship

Netmoda collecting its statistics,user following, user activities and like changable datas in Mongo servers. And we setup 3-node Mongo with clustering. And in our caching survey we use Redis for our queries. Our redis working on ElasticCache Service with AWS Stability/Scalability.


We love atlassian products like Bitbucket,Hipchat,Jira,Confluence. Netmoda developers should use Confluence for all parts they coded. And we are following GitFlow Workflow on Bitbucket.


Netmoda works with TDD working process . We’ve to test everyting and then writing our code and then send it to bitbucket and then every tuesday we are deploying master branch to our live servers. Thats so easy and none-fault.

Thats all i think. There are so many alghoritms and our technologies we have coded but i couldnt give some brief about that parts. But Netmoda thinking to give some opensource projects on Github so after that, i will share on my blog all of that opensources.


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